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Bauer Pro Series Gloves

Bauer Pro Series Gloves



  • Taking over the Nexus line, Bauer introduces the all new Bauer Pro Series SR Hockey Gloves. Some key features to look out for in this glove is the Dual-Layered EPP Foam, HyperLite HD foam, and Thermo Max liner. This glove is loaded with elite-level protection giving players a modern take on the traditional style fit.

    External Material
    The external material used on the Pro Series glove is the Pro Lite Tex and Polyester mesh overlay. This material helps keep the glove lightweight and very durable during harsh play.

    Finger Design & Backhand Protection
    The Pro Series glove maintains a traditional design but with a slightly more narrow fit against the hand and fingers. Dual density foam construction with EPP foam in the backhand and Hyperlite HD foam in the fingers provides incredible slash and blocked shot protection without adding a ton of weight. Both are reinforced with plastic inserts to add that additional layer of impact protection.

    Thumb Design
    The Pro Series is equipped with Bauer’s patented 2-piece flex lock thumb that will protect your thumbs from impacts and hyperextension. By allowing the glove to bend with your thumb, it does not expose any parts of the thumb while gripping the stick. It also allows you more flexibility, and a greater range of motion in your hand movements.

    Cuff Design
    The cuff is designed with a straight cuff roll and a 3D embroidered Bauer logo. It is filled with dual density foam and a plastic insert for maximum protection.

    Palm Material & Gussets
    The Bauer Pro Series has an NHL-preferred Nash palm that gives players an awesome stick connection and high durability wear and tear. The Nash ever surrounds the fingertips, improving protection by keeping the foams closer to hand when gripping the stick.

    Internally, the Thermo Max liner has been added to the backhand of the glove to evaporate moisture and keep the glove dry. Additionally, the Pro Series glove is equipped with Bauer's Hyper Sense finger liner as well. This keeps the fingers dry, and offers a great connection and feel to the stick.

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