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Bauer Vapor X4 Hockey Skates (Youth)

Bauer Vapor X4 Hockey Skates (Youth)



  • Youth specific boot construction, tongue, and holder.

    For the majority of all hockey players that fall into a skate size of youth 8-13.5 this is the perfect and best skate choice. Balancing the scales between skate innovation, relative performance, and parent investment, the X4 youth skates offers MotionFlex Technology, a more appropriate flex profile for those still developing their skating stride.


    Sizing 8-13.5

  • Bauer Youth Player Skates Sizing Chart

    Skate Size USA EU UK CM
    Y06 Y07 23.5 Y6.5 14.5
    Y07 Y08 25 Y7.5 15.2
    Y08 Y09 26 Y8.5 16.2
    Y09 Y9.5-Y10 26.5-27 Y9.0-Y9.5 16.6-17
    Y10 Y10.5-Y11 27.5-28 Y10-Y10.5 17.4-17.8
    Y10.5 Y11.5 28.5 Y11 18.3
    Y11 Y12 29.5 Y11.5 18.7
    Y11.5 Y12 30 Y12 19.1
    Y12 Y13 31 Y12.5 19.5
    Y12.5 Y13.5 31.5 Y13.5 19.9
    Y13 1 32 Y13.5 20.3
    Y13.5 1.5 33 1 20.7


    Please be aware that skate sizes and shoes sizing do not match exactly. As a general guideline, skates size 1 ½ sizes smaller than shoes.


    It is ideal for a player to have a tight, snug fit both in length and width as this will provide the best performance and durability. If a skate is too big you will feel your feet slide around and you will not get the full performance out of the skates. 


    Your toes should barely touch the toe cap, while having no more than 1/4 inch of space in the heel. When you're finished lacing up your skates, they should feel snug with the foot resting flat on the footbed.


    Sizing Children for Growth Room: If you are purchasing skates for your child, it is common and usually recommended to add some additional room in the skate to increase the last, we recommend no more than 1 full size.

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