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CCM Tacks 210 Hockey Helmet

CCM Tacks 210 Hockey Helmet

Color: Black

Step up your equipment confidence with the TACKS 210 hockey helmet. This sleek low-profile bucket is designed to leave fewer gaps in the liner for a closer fit, so you can look good and feel good while achieving peak performance.

  • The CCM Tacks 210 hockey helmet has a sleek low profile design and offers terrific protection and a comfortable fit. A new internal foam design has reduced gaps for a more snug, head-hugging fit. The Tacks 210 not only looks great, but offers a level of protection and comfort you’ll appreciate on the ice.

    The sleek low profile design of the Tacks 210 is built to look great, but also helps reduce helmet twisting during glancing impacts. For low impact contact, the sleek profile causes contact points to brush off instead of getting caught up with equipment or jerseys.

    The Tacks 210 helmet uses dual density VN + EVA form liners. These multi-density foams balance the comfort and protection needed when playing hockey. The softer foams will prevent pressure points and keep you feeling good all game, and the medium density foams disperse and absorb impacts. New for the Tacks 210 is a more head-hugging design with less gaps.

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