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Eclipse - Aurora

Eclipse - Aurora


Skating Level: Single, Double, and Triple Jumps; Junvenile, Intermediate, and Novice Synchro; Junvenile, Intermediate, and Novice Ice Dance

  • The Eclipse Aurora blade is designed for the competitive skater with high goals, developing skills towards the top. The versatile features of this blade makes it a very good choice for freestyle, as well as synchro and ice dance.


    The blade's 7-foot radius provides great control for spins and effortlessness for movements. Cross cut rakes provide improved stability, and precision for edges.


    The German 440C stainless steel keeps your edges sharp and your blade looking fantastic at all times.

  • Eclipse Aurora Blade Features:​

    • Toe Pick:  Cross Cut
    • Radius:  7 ft.
    • Suggested R.O.H.:  7/16"
    • Style:  Parallel
    • Heat tempered
    • German 440C stainless steel
    • Right and left sole plates
    • Stays sharper longer than carbon steel
    • Mirror polished finish
    • Designed for custom R.O.H.
    • Foam packaging and polish cloth
    • Made in North America
    • Use: Competitve Mid-Range
    • Skating Level Riedell Range: 2,3
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