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MK - Dance

MK - Dance


The Most Successful Competition Blade of the 20th Century
Model:   Dance
Sizes:   8″ through 12″ in 1/4″ increments.
Rocker Radius:  7′ Radius
Radius of Hollow (ROH):   5/16″
Blade Style:   Slimline
Rake Style:   Straight Cut Rake

  • The MK DANCE has been specifically designed for competitive Dance Skating with the shorter Tail, appropriate Rake, the 7′ Rocker, and Slimline Blade Design. All of these features add up to the best Dance Blade made. The MK DANCE is a Slimline Blade for quick edge changes. For that Great performance on the Ice, count on Mitchel & King Blades. MK Blades are manufactured in Sheffield, England, using the finest quality steel and the latest Laser Technology process to give sharper edges and world class precision and uniformity. Each blade is scientifically hardened for the optimum skating edge and precision sharpened providing unparalleled feel on the ice. MK uses state of the art technology to ensure each blade is built to the highest standards.


    The Slimline Blades are thinner for quicker changes from edge to edge. When combined with the radius of hollow, the slim blade provides for a very fast running blade.


    The Rake is Straight Cut which is a single directional milling process and provides for increased transformation of forward momentum into elevation. The Dance Blade has an appropriate Rake so as to not get in the way of the edges and quick footwork.

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