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DMC Sports was founded by Dante Cozzi to enhance the opportunities skaters have to grow and remain in the sport. In the past several years, the cost of hockey equipment has risen at rates well beyond the cost of living indexes. This has made it much less affordable to participate in this sport. Our mission is to help make it possible for more skaters to enjoy the sport by making it more affordable for them. We believe that we are the most competitively priced supplier of hockey equipment to the market. We hope to improve our offerings as time goes by and to broaden the lines of products available. Our commitment to customer service is second to none. We bet you won't find another store anywhere that has the knowledge and talent that we have.


DMC Sports is a family owned business located throughout Long Island, NY and the Tri-State Area. Currently run by both Dante and his son Michael. Hockey and Figure Skating is our passion. It has been since we opened the doors over 45 years ago. We made a name for ourselves offering exceptional customer service and selection. Long story short, we still do. At our core, we have and will always be a Mom-and-pop hockey shop. Our model? Customer service first, foremost and without question. Fundamental values born from humble beginnings have propelled us to where we are today. 3 retail stores and 2 sister stores run by Dante's brother Andrew (Cozzi Sports) and an online website that allows us to serve the entire hockey and figure skating community.

Our service is what sets us apart from everyone else. Getting you into the right gear is a huge priority for us. The perfect fit is essential for safety, comfort, and performance. Our team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff are available to make sure you get the proper fit from head to toe. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned vet, there will always be someone nearby to answer your questions. We feel it is our duty to our customer to view EVERY product available in every price category and compare each for quality and value as well as shelf appearance. So if it's appropriate or proper fitting equipment or just some simple advice, feel free to drop in or call no matter how silly the question.


Putting a new team together or looking to update your gear? Our Team Sales department is the best in the business. From single orders to entire associations, we do it all. If you can dream it, our team will do everything in their power to make it happen. This team is notorious for working around the clock to ensure your new threads are ready for puck drop.

Can’t make it to the store? offers a convenient way to browse and pick up new gear. The website features detailed descriptions and professional photos for each product. We try to make it as close to the retail experience as possible. Although you can't reach through the screen, our customer service team is available to answer any questions.

Our goal is to do the right thing - help the customer! It is not uncommon to see one of our staff trying to take a customer out of a higher priced product and into something that is more appropriate. Unlike many other retail stores, our sales staff do not see dollar signs when someone walks into the store. Our staff do not, and will not, work on commission nor are they expected to sell "X" number of dollars per week. Their only job is to help the customer.

We believe that service is long term thinking. Still growing after 46 years - we must be thinking right.

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