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Bauer Pro-Clip Visor

Bauer Pro-Clip Visor



  • The Bauer Pro-Clip visors offer a slim sleek look with True Optics technology built in. The concave shape allows to the optics to keep objects from appearing skewed at all angles, so the puck is exactly where it seems like it is. To aid in this and interior anti-fog coating virtually eliminates fog-ups and an exterior anti-scratch coating protects from errant sticks and pucks.


    Another cool feature is the construction of the Pro-Clip visors. Bauer's patented Quick-Click+ system allows tool-less replacement of the lenses when they become scratched, and the visors attach to the helmet solely at the sides for that pro look everyone craves. This is one of the few visors with a two-point fastening system that offers CSA certification.

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