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Bauer Vapor X Pants

Bauer Vapor X Pants



  • Classic, proven fit
    The Bauer X pant is based off our classic fit with a super impactful sublimated liner.

    Extra comfort
    One-piece kidney features molded PE and MD Foam

    Fresh graphic design
    Enhanced design colors.


    External Materials
    The exterior of the Bauer X features a durable 220D nylon shell that does a great job of resisting wear and tear. The shell also has a stretch zone along the crotch region to improve flexibility and mobility in the pant.


    Thigh Protection
    The thigh guards in the Bauer X pants consist of a high-density foam with molded PE (polyethylene) inserts. These are anatomically formed and wrap nicely around the leg to give a low profile feel. This allows the pad to move with the body and prevent the pants from rotating during contact.


    Hip Protection
    A classic fit one-piece guard in the hips offers great protection in what is usually a high contact area.


    Spine Protection
    The Bauer X pants use an integrated spine protection piece with molded PE (polyethylene) insert. This is a reliable hard plastic material that keeps the lower spine protected from any unwanted contact.


    Kidney Protection
    The kidney region is protected by a one-piece multi-density foam and PE (polyethylene) insert. The padding hugs the body comfortably while still allowing you to get deep into your strides.


    Belt/Lace Closure
    The Bauer X comes with a traditional belt cinch and standard lacing. These closures allow you to customize how tight or loose you want the pant to sit on your body.


    Leg Zippers
    At this price-point, the Bauer X does not come with adjustable inseam zippers.

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