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Bauer X Elbow Pads

Bauer X Elbow Pads



  • The Bauer X Hockey Elbow Pads are built for the recreational or new-to-hockey player, focusing on instant fit and comfort with an elevated visual value. Bauer has combined a molded component for technical feel with sublimated graphics and liner that no other competitor is using at this price point.


    The Bauer X is a one-piece elbow pad that is ergonomically shaped to your forearm, elbow, and upper arm. The upper bicep guard is integrated into the forearm while still being flexible enough to give your arms the range of motion you need while skating and controlling the puck.


    Bicep & Forearm Protection
    Bauer has specifically constructed the X series to move with you. The bicep region is integrated into the elbow pad with a molded insert to allow you to move freely. The forearm is also molded to wrap your arm nicely with the forearm protector on top to protect you from slashes.


    Elbow Cap
    The elbow cap features a full coverage anatomical split cap designed to securely lock the elbow in place. The split cap also allows you a full range of motion while still maintaining a high level of protection.


    Strapping System
    The Bauer X Anchor Strap locks your elbow securely into the pad. Additionally, the elastic bicep strap is permanently stitched across for effortless slip on application.


    The Sublimated Hydrophobic mesh liner wicks away moisture, keeps the elbow pad dry, and is very lightweight. The integrated liner is molded that provides an instant lock-in feel.

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