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Bauer X Shin Guards

Bauer X Shin Guards



  • The Bauer X Hockey Shin Guards are built for the recreational or new-to-hockey player, focusing on instant fit and comfort with an elevated visual value. Bauer has combined a molded component for technical feel with sublimated graphics that no other competitor is using at this price point.


    Shin Protection
    The shin cap is fully injected with texturized details offering great protection and a sweet look.


    Knee Cap & Protection
    The knee cap is equipped with the new ErgoDynamic Lab knee. This provides a deeper fit into the shin pad for full coverage protection. The knee wing, aka the side of the knee, features multi-density foam to cover any openings when bending during a stride.

    The Bauer X also offers a multi-density foam thigh protector along the top of the knee cap for added protection when bending your knee.


    Calf Protection
    The Bauer X protects the entire calf with a molded polyethylene material. This padding is strategically placed to reinforce one of the most commonly impacted areas on the leg.


    Internally, Bauer implemented a comfortable and durable hydrophobic mesh liner that helps regulate your body temperature and wick away moisture.


    The anchor straps located along the back of the shin pad allow it to stay locked in place.

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