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CCM Super Tacks Hockey Helmet

CCM Super Tacks Hockey Helmet

Color: Black

The SUPER TACKS X hockey helmet is a marvel of innovation. Its continuous fit liner was engineered using state-of-the-art 3D printed Nest Tech technology throughout the helmet, keeping your head cool so you can maintain peak performance all game long. With elite level protection and comfort, you'll turn heads at every faceoff. 

  • The CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet will keep your head feeling great from buzzer to buzzer. This cutting edge hockey helmet is the first to feature a 3D printed interior. Crafted with NEST Tech lattice, the Super Tacks X increases breathability, offers premium comfort, and elite protection. Maximum airflow helps regulate head temperature to avoid overheating on the ice and freezing on the bench. This new level of breathability means you can maintain consistent energy levels and make better decisions on the ice. The performance benefits are huge, but the lattice system using Carbon3D also ensures a snug and secure fit.

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