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Edea Flamenco Ice

Edea Flamenco Ice


The Flamenco Ice has been designed for grace and elegance using EDEA’s experience and know-how combined with innovative thinking and modern technology. The extra flexibility and low cut in this boot gives the extra flexibility and maneuverability that Ice dancers need.

  • Support for precision, range of movement for expression. For those who need to dance.


    The unique shell and thinner sole improve power transmission shortening reaction time. This gives greater control and precision for more defined movements and quicker transitions.


    The lower profile increases range of movement so you can express yourself and dance the edges.
    The ergonomic heel pocket ensures the optimum foot position and the memory foam holds without pressure. The shell is thermoformable and can be instant custom fitted in store. Your perfect dance partner.


    Flamenco Ice are designed for you. Get back to full training quickly with the shorter break-in time. The SH microfiber lining dries more quickly, keeping you and your boots fresher for your next session.


    The Flamenco Ice is designed with a superior dual sole technology to reduce ice chatter giving you a smoother glide, connecting you with the ice.

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