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Edea Motivo

Edea Motivo


Soft-Mid Stiff Construction 35
Mens Sizes (Black):  185 through 280 in 5mm increments
Please reference the Sizing Chart for conversion from US and Euro sizes.

Colors:  Black
Type of Skating:  Beginning Amateur Level for Serious Beginners and Adult Skaters who prefer a stiffer construction Skate

  • The Motivo is a ready-to-skate boot designed with adults or the serious beginner in mind. Inspired by our passion for skating the Motivo benefits from the technology and know-how from our top of the range boots. A step up from the Brio, the Motivo offers greater support for a better performance.


    Made for enjoyment, discover the fun!


    With its innovative and lightweight design, the Motivo gives new skaters every advantage so they can develop and have fun. The unique shell, lower center of gravity and thinner sole give control and stability so skaters can learn to skate the edges.


    Edea know-how wraps your feet so you feel comfortable and keeps them in position so you develop the perfect technique.


    Motivo is designed for you with a shorter break-in time. Choose from the Edea Balancé, Rotation or Charme blades to have the perfect match for your Motivo boot.

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