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Jackson Artiste 1792/1793

Jackson Artiste 1792/1793


Jackson Support Rating: Light Support - Level 25
Advanced Skating Lessons

  • Softer topline for increased comfort


    Microfiber lining with memory foam ankle padding


    Flex notch for added flexibility


    Foam backed leather/mesh comfort tongue


    Stylized PVC outsole for easy care


    Ultima Mark IV all purpose, high quality chrome blade attached with screws

  • The Jackson Ultima Ascend Series is perfect for beginners! 


    Designed with Support Ratings ensures the appropriate level of support for the skater's skill level.
    Boots are matched with the appropriate blades; Mark II to Mark IV, from less to more aggressive.

    Artiste Boot --> Mark IV Blade
    Mystique Boot --> Mark II Blade
    Excel Boot --> Mark II Blade

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