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MK - Professional Lite

MK - Professional Lite


The FreeStyle Skate, the Worldwide first choice of Coaches
Model:   Professional Lite
Sizes:   7″ through 12″ in 1/4″ increments.
Rocker Radius:  7′ Radius
Radius of Hollow (ROH):   7/16″
Blade Style:   Parallel Blade type
Rake Style:   Cross Cut Rake

  • 22% Lighter, the Professional Lite is the premier choice of coaches around the world for skaters developing skills up to double lutz.

    Now available in a lightweight option. Mirroring the lightweight carbon fiber Revolution series, the Professional Lite design offers a high-performance aesthetic aimed at future champions. 

    The MK PROFESSIONAL is the Worldwide first choice of Coaches and experienced FreeStyle Skaters and is available from . The MK PROFESSIONAL is acclaimed for its balance, performance, and style. The MK PROFESSIONAL is a Parallel Blade. For the ultimate performance on the Ice, count on Mitchel & King Blades. MK Blades are manufactured in Sheffield, England, using the finest quality steel and the latest Laser Technology process to give sharper edges and world class precision and uniformity. Each blade is scientifically hardened for the optimum skating edge and precision sharpened providing unparalleled feel on the ice. MK uses state of the art technology to ensure each blade is built to the highest standards.


    The Parallel Blades have the same blade runner thickness from the rake of the blade down the total length of the blade to the blade tail. Parallel blades are the most common of blades.


    The Rake is Cross Cut which is multi-directional milling and provides added lateral stability when performing jumps. The more dominate the picks the greater the potential for jumping elevation.

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