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Riedell Stride 223/23 w/ blade

Riedell Stride 223/23 w/ blade


Support Rating: 50
Skating Level: Single and first Double jumps; Preliminary and Juvenile Synchro; Preliminary and Juvenile Ice Dance; Basic skills and Single jumps in Adult skating


  • The Stride is a great value-priced choice for skaters looking for good performance.  It provides a suitable support for single jumps with the advantages of high-quality heat moldable leather materials.


    Designed for learning basic skating skills with high-quality equipment, Riedell Stride is for skaters looking for great performance with high-level comfort and fit.


    Inside Stride, triple layer reinforcements provide medium support and are heat moldable for the perfect fit. The medium support is balanced with the comfort of EVA memory foam ankle padding covered with soft and easy-to-care Dri-Lex® lining. The shock-absorbing, lightweight EVA foam midsole and leather outsole provide solid foot foundation and durability.


    Stride is a perfect boot for a wide range of skaters, depending on skater’s size and preference of support. It provides good support for young skaters practising their single jumps and even learning doubles. It is also a very suitable boot for preliminary and juvenile synchro skaters, as well as adult skaters learning basic skating skills and single jumps.


    The Stride set comes with the Capri blade or you can upgrade to the Eclipse Astra blade for an additional fee.

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